Join the world’s largest cooperative retail floor covering group.

A flexible framework so you can run business (and life) your way!

Carpet One members are part of a group of 2700 retail outlets around the world. We’re proud to belong to the international retail group CCA Global Partners, which makes over $10 billion in gross sales every year, and gives us enormous buying power and access to global expertise, services and suppliers.

Each Carpet One store is owned and operated independently. Our co-op is run by our members to benefit members. If you are interested in becoming a member, we would love to show you what we have to offer here at Carpet One, and take you through how our memberships work. Our approach is simple: be up front and honest with you, so you’ll have the information you need to decide whether joining us is the right choice.


We know it can be hard for small businesses to invest in education so we’re here to help keep you informed. 


Often underrated, our research shows that having a community is a huge factor that impacts in business success.


Our aggregate size & global membership means greater buying power & improved profit margins for you.


It’s YOUR business so we will support you where you need, but enable the flexibility to do things the way you want.

Having your Business Profits taxed by the Government is a fact of life - having your business taxed by a Franchisor is not acceptable. That’s why Carpet One Floor and Home, a truly run and operated Co-operative, suits my Business Model and gives me solace that I’m one of the proud owners of the Group.

Ian Bloomfield
Store Owner, Carpet One

Run by members to benefit members

Our members are part of a family, sharing the same vision and passion to be strong and sustainable, well into the future. What makes us different is our genuine care and commitment to fostering trust and returning value to each and every Carpet One member.


We joined Carpet One in 2018 buying an existing successful family business which was well established in Toowoomba. Since then, we have successfully grown the business and move sites improving the profile and position of the business.

The decision was easy, the existing business and Carpet One brand were well known in the community. The striking teal colour is very marketable and offers loads of potential. The journey has been rewarding and we have only just scratched the surface.

It is the total flexibility and trust of the organisation to implement the brand the way we want it to be used, to complement our other FLOOR & HOME interests.

We were supported by the Carpet One family from day one. The flexible framework allowed us to maintain a professional and appealing business and to control our own destiny.

Business benefits we have realised in our decision to buy into the brand have been the retention of our operational investment.

The Carpet One Floor & Home cooperative has one of the lowest membership entry’s and ongoing operating cost structure when compared to other retail business groups in the same industry.

However, for us the ability to operate our way without restriction or performance taxes, to operate without compromising profit, is a game changer.

We work with fantastic buying power, and very good shareholder returns. The business structure is a simple model, simply returning shareholders great value.

As a fair even holder of the brand and company we all are treated equally, and our voice is heard.

We are rewarded for the effort we want to put in. As the brand grows in shareholders, returns from being a shareholder grow too.

We are in it to win it, and we are in it together.

Jamie and Emma Pattinson

Store Owners
Carpet One Toowoomba, QLD

For anyone considering a retail opportunity in the flooring industry, we recommend having a chat with Carpet One Tamworth.

Our journey with Carpet One started with investigating other brands, once we met with Carpet One, we knew this was the best fit for our future. We have a real sense of pride and affection for the brand, this wasn’t a consideration initially. The Carpet One brand is such an asset in our local business.

We retain more profit locally because the group provides a framework that encourages and retains value in our business, we believe we really do get the best returns in the market for comparable groups.

Because of that we can apply more of our local profits to our local community and retain more of our profits, not sending this to a franchise or a corporate office. This allows us to focus support our local community. Building relationships in advertising, marketing locally and sponsoring sports teams and clubs.

As we are all equal shareholders & there aren’t huge taxes and levies charged by the cooperative office, the value really is amazing!

Reward for our investment is fair and even. It’s just getting better and better.

It has been One great journey so far; the group was the best fit for our business.

We totally get out more than we put in, and we have been putting in a lot.

Nadine and Dany Daly

Store Owners
Carpet One Tamworth, NSW

Having your Business Profits taxed by the Government is a fact of life – having your business taxed by a Franchisor is not acceptable. That’s why Carpet One Floor and Home, a truly run and operated Co-operative, suits my Business Model and gives me solace that I’m one of the proud owners of the Group.

At Carpet One Floor and Home, we the Shareholders own the Company and share the profits.
Carpet One floor and Home, is well respected by our suppliers, our pricing structure is very competitive and our business model allows us to enjoy margins above and beyond industry standards.

If you are looking for a change, check out Carpet One Floor and Home.

Ian Bloomfield

Store Owner
Carpet One


Enjoy competitive group purchasing power, and access to leading brands and experts.


Group advertising, marketing, technology, finance, and administration.


Financial rewards via competitive rebates, targeted marketing and competitive financing.


Financial rewards via competitive rebates, targeted marketing and competitive financing.

Standing out from the
crowd is what we do

We are the flooring experts

Incomparable depth of industry and market knowledge.

The best financial rewards

Reduced risk and the best return on investment opportunities.

Supporting local communities

Strong communities through locally-owned, family-run businesses.

Time. A valuable commodity

Time. A valuable commodity
Free time…. Is there any such thing?

Discover a flexible framework for business success. You will not believe how easy it is, it really is “too easy.”

The Carpet One FLOOR & HOME flexible framework provides an open, fair & flexible way to assist business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs to join Carpet One?

We have one of the most reasonable pricing structures on the market. We offer a highly affordable membership with realistic joining fees and flexible start up costs, customised to your budget. 

We have a flat fee structure, regardless of the size of your budget. Our costs are charged monthly or six monthly, in arrears.

What sort of return on my investment should I expect?

Our goal is to ensure solid return on investment for our stores. Our Carpet One group growth strategies are committed to increasing store profit, year on year. We also have a highly competitive rebate program, as well as competitive financing.

We focus on driving customer demand through targeted marketing campaigns, and a dynamic, customer-friendly website.

What is your point of difference compared to other flooring groups?

Carpet One is a group of local businesses that have joined together to bring you a competitive alternative to big corporations. We are locally owned and family operated. Our staff are people who live in your town, understand your needs and share your concerns about the future of your community.

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE Many of our members are second or third generation store owners from the same founding families, which means you are joining a league with an incomparable depth of knowledge about the industry and market. 

REDUCED RISK At every stage of setting up and operating your business, we look to reduce your risk and provide the best return on investment opportunities. 

SUSTAINED SUPPORT At every stage of your business cycle, you are supported by a Head Office team, dedicated to making your business profitable and driving more customers through your door. 

GLOBAL NETWORKS Our aggregate size and global membership means we have greater buying power, meaning competitive purchasing prices, improved profit margins and streamlined cost efficiencies for you. 

STRONG COMMUNITIES Our locally-owned, family-run businesses help build strong communities. A small business such as yours is the lifeblood of any community and plays an important role. Many of our members give back to the community through product or financial donations, or volunteering their time.

Why would I choose a co-op over a franchise?

Our business was founded on the principles of unity, strength and success.

We are a cooperative business… a co-op.

What we are not is a franchise, an independent retailer, a chain or mega-corporation.

Each store is owned and operated independently, supported by our cooperative not at all like your regular retail franchise. The co-op is set up to service our valued customers and help local, family-run small businesses prosper and provide support, not to make a profit itself.

When customers shop with Carpet One their investment remains local and helping create local jobs. In fact, worldwide research tells us that for every $100 spent with a co-operative group, like Carpet One, almost $43 is invested in the local community. Comparatively, the same $100 spent with a chain, only $13 goes back into the community* — that’s almost 300% less.

*Source: International Co-operative Alliance 2011

If I buy in to the co-operative, will you help me setup my store?

One size doesn’t fit all, and we want you to create a store you’ll love that will suit you and your clientele.

We understand that every square metre in your store needs to generate revenue, and we see our job as supporting you by helping you get the best bang for your buck using the floor space you have.

We’ve created unique Carpet One proprietary display stands that allow you to showcase an array of products – soft surface, hard surface, ceramic tiles, window fashions, screen doors – using minimal floor space. The way you arrange these displays is up to you, but we’re always on hand to offer tips and advice whenever you need us.

What's the process to sign up?

The first thing we do is suggest that you contact us and make an appointment to talk to our head office about your business goals and whether we are the right fit.

We also invite you to do your research on us! Call or visit a Carpet One store and ask them about their experience. Use this as the starting point for your own due diligence. We also encourage you to seek independent legal, business and accounting advice to make sure that our business model suits your needs.

From there we ask you to submit an application. This is where things get a bit more formal. We know that the recipe for business success will depend on the quality of our recruitment process, so during this application phase we want to ensure you can meet our criteria.

Next step is that we will arrange a face-to-face discussion, so we can get to know each other and go through the Carpet One business and values. This is an opportunity for you to ask all the questions you need in order to be 100% comfortable with our business, and make sure we are the right fit for each other.

Once this is done we have a join and setup process so you can be up and trading as quickly as possible.

How long will it take for me to start trading?

As you can imagine we want to ensure that you are as equipped as possible to hit the ground running and start generating sales.

After your application is endorsed we will:

  • draw up contacts
  • help you setup your store
  • run through your training and induction
  • help you launch your store

This process, all up takes around 6 months to complete but can be more or less depending on circumstances.

How much support will we get from head office?

The support provided by our head office is what makes Carpet One competitive. We help you by filtering information and providing relevant, timely information. We help you make informed decisions, so you can pass this knowledge on to your customer. 


Through Head Office, we provide centralised advertising, finance and operational support to reduce your overheads and increase your profit margin. Buying flooring is a tactile customer experience. As such, we continue to encourage customers through your door for a personal experience. However, with our eye fixed firmly on the future, investing in innovation is a key strategy. We will continue to keep pace with changing consumer and retail market trends to future-proof your business. 


Once your store is opened, you will be provided with ongoing support and mentoring by the Head Office team to help you achieve growth and success. Our head office is funded by our members. Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is appointed by the Board of Directors and answerable to all members.

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